Business Plans

Are you ready to start a business? Looking for small business ideas? First step: learn how to write a business plan with our business plan template and examples

Checklist for Starting a New Business

Want to start a business and need help organizing the first steps? Use this checklist for all the tasks you should complete before opening a new business.

Common Startup Mistakes

When starting a business, most people tend to make mistakes. You can avoid making some common startup mistakes by reviewing the ones listed in the article.

Effective Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis allows you to identify your competitors and evaluate their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Sample Business Plans

Creating a business plan will help you visualize and better organize your business. Use these three sample business plans as your starting point.

Set Goals for Your Business

Goal-setting is crucial to any business's success. Review this article to help you set short-term and long-term business goals and successfully achieve them.

The Business Plan

Learn how to write a business plan by looking at various aspects of the planning process.